Elephants in my backyard

Elephants are one of the” Big Five” and are beautiful creatures. The females and young live in herds, while the males wander around alone or in small groups. These giant animals can move through the bush without making a sound. It regularly happens that suddenly an elephant appears at our waterhole. Only when he starts eating or drinking, you hear him and all of a sudden see him standing there. 100_0045.JPG

With the drought this year they have been breaking into the camps here in Balule and on several occasions we had to chase an elephant out of our garden at night or early morning.
Most of the time we just enjoy watching them at our dam though and it is always a treat when they visit.


8 reasons to book your safari in South Africa now

South Africa is becoming  a popular holiday destination as more and more people discover this beautiful country with it’s many attractions and diversity. Not sure yet? Here are 8 reasons why it is a good idea to book your holiday to South Africa now (and bring the kids too).

1) the South African winter and spring is a great time to travel

Especially in the Kruger area the temperatures in winter are great for most activities. With sun and blue skies almost guaranteed and an average day temperature of 23 to 26 degrees Celsius it is much more comfortable then in the hot summer. It is the dry season so you can see much further which is great for game viewing. Add the lack of insects and cool evenings around the campfire and you know why this is such a great time to go on safari.

2) the exchange rate is very good

With an exchange rate of 16 South African Rand to 1 Euro it means that you can do more for your money, making a safari affordable.

3) unwind and unplug

In today’s hectic life your holiday is the time to unwind and relax. ku-sungula-7.jpgWhere can you better do this than in Africa’s stunning nature with it’s diversity of animals. Relax on the terrace in the winter sun with a cool drink in one hand and that book you wanted to read but didn’t have time for in the other. Or just lose yourself in daydreams looking at the ever changing bush. When the sun sets the bush gets quiet and peaceful transferring that feeling to you as well. Although most lodges do have WiFi so you can stay in touch with friends and family you will find it hard to resist the calmness of nature.

4) have a little adventure and create memories you will never forget

Enjoy the thrill of a game drive in an open safari vehicle in one of the private reserves where the guide will take you close to the animals. Explore the vast Kruger National Park and the impressive Blyde Canyon or do one of the many other activities that the area has to offer.

5) bring the kids!

Safari is a great experience for the whole family. Kids will love to spot the animals. It is a great opportunity to get them away from tv screens and computer games and give them (and yourself) the experience of a life time.There are many family friendly IMG_0046.JPGaccommodations and activities. Ku Sungula Safari Lodge for instance is suitable for children of all ages. Between safari and other activities they can play in the garden and swimming pool or we can take them on their own little adventure looking for tracks at our dam with our guide.

6) airline tickets are affordable

There are many options to fly to Johannesburg these days and with a little search you can find flights at good prices.

7) South Africa has so much to offer

Besides safari South Africa has much more. Stunning views, friendly people, culture, good food and beaches are just a few of them. You can choose from luxury to low budget IMG_0057.JPGdepending on your style of travelling.

8) things to do before your die…

A visit to South Africa with as highlight a safari just has to be on your bucket list!


Did I mention the stunning sunsets yet? Or the breathtaking stars? Or the sounds of the bush? There are so many reasons to come to South Africa….
If all of this has finally convinced you, contact us on info@kusungula.com for more information. Our friendly team would love to welcome you for a great safari.

Warm regards from the bush


Ten things to do in and around Hoedspruit

This area in South Africa is known for the Kruger Park and the bordering private reserves. But other then safari, there is much more to see and do in and around Hoedspruit. Here ten things that you can go see or do.

  1. Visit the Moholoholo rehabilitation center for animals. Here they take care of wounded and orphaned animals and they try to rehabilitate them.100_0013
  2. Make a boat trip on the Blyde dam. The dam is located in a beautiful nature area and you can see hippos, crocodiles and water birds among others. You get another view on the canyon and there is a rare tufa-waterfall.
  3. Visit the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center (HESC), also knows as the Cheetah Project. They breed here with the endangered cheetahs and the center has other endangered species like wild dogs and ground-hornbills.
  4. See the Blyde Canyon with all its beautiful waterfalls and viewpoints. This third largest canyon in the world is the only one of the three that has vegetation. The panorama route takes you past all the beautiful places.DSC09661
  5. Visit Jessica the Hippo. This world famous hippo is brought-up by people and loves to be petted and fed.
  6. Visit the Kinyoni reptile park for a view in the world of snakes, tortoises and chameleons.
  7. Have a look at the Silk-farm, where they make silk out of (imported) pupas.
  8. Learn more about the delicious liqueur Amarula at the Amarula factory, off course you can taste the liqueur here…
  9. For more adventurous or active travelers there are all sorts of activities like walking, hiking, kloofing, or micro light flights.DSC09439
  10. Visit the Mariepskop, the highest mountain in this area and walk in this magnificent nature reserve with many birds.


So there is enough to see and do, even without the numerous safari activities. We at Ku Sungula Safari Lodge gladly advise you for your self drive trip or we can take you to any of these activities.

Regards from the bush,

The elusive Leopard

The leopard is one of the “Big Five”.  Since leopards are solitary and shy animals that are most active at night, it can be difficult to find this elusive animal. leopard-animationThe best chance is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, unless you are lucky enough to find a leopard in a tree, where he is taking his afternoon nap. Leopards live solitary and are excellent hunters. They stalk their prey till a distance of 5 to 10 meters before they jump at it. They like to live in rocky areas and close to densely vegetated riverbeds where they can hide. Leopards can climb well and often take their prey into a tree, where it is safe for most other predators and Continue reading